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Support Science Education for Kids in Wyoming Today!

Full STEAM ahead!

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Sustaining Gifts for Science

After granting over $10,000 in scholarships THIS summer alone, we are seeking support to help us continue our trajectory to give the GIFT of science to youth in our community.

This past summer, kids were able to build Rube Goldberg devices, engineer boats out of concrete, hunt for fossils, kayak the waters of Wyoming, launch rockets, code their own robots, explored majestic regions of our state, and more.

Last year, a young scientist attended several of our camps, through the hands on learning and experiences they had their overall schoolwork improved significantly. Their teacher told the parents "whatever you did over the summer, keep doing it! because it's working!"

Stories like this are possible because of our generous donors!

Please consider supporting us with a reoccurring gift to help sustain our science programs today.

No matter how much you are able to give, your donation will positively impact students by increasing access to fun scientific educational opportunities.